GE Optima 540 16 Slice CT Scanner

GE Optima 540 16 Slice CT Scanner

GE Optima 540 16 Slice CT Scanner

The Optima CT540 optimizes the patient experience while continuing to provide exquisite image quality. It answers your need for exceptional clinical results with an increased volume of patient throughput and a focus on patient-centered tasks.

  • Low Dose, High Resolution
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Sub-Millimeter Slice Thickness
  • Tube Offers Exceptional Beam Quality

With consistent 0.625 mm data acquisition, there is no trade-off between speed and high resolution. The Optima CT540’s speed and coverage is able to capture the arterial phase for assessment of most vascular segments. The Xtream Injector allows you to synchronize injection and acquisition parameters. With Autolaunch and Preprocessing, the system automatically prepares up to eight cases for reading—saving substantial time. In addition, zero-click bone removal automatically subtracts bones in angiography studies featuring automatic vessel tracking and thrombus segmentation.

The Optima 540 provides exceptional clinical results and increased patient throughput volume in an efficient manner. The 540 provides a reliable CT solution for high quality diagnostic imaging at lower dose for Oncology, Angiography, Interventional and Emergency.

Fast Image Acquisition - More Scans in Less Time
Reconditioned to OEM Specs - High Quality at Lower Cost

This is a Platinum Certified System




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