Platinum Certified CT, MRI and PET/CT Systems

Value That OEMs Can't Match

Platinum Certified Pre-owned CT, MRI and PET/CT Systems

The Platinum Certified Pre-owned CT, MRI and PET/CT systems from MXR Imaging will allow you to achieve your imaging needs with a highly cost effective solution. Our Platinum Certified units go through a 100-point refurbishment process and carry a full 1-year warranty. The Platinum Certified units will allow you to upgrade your current imaging capabilities with increased image quality, speed of acquisition, patient safety and ultimately, increased patient and user satisfaction. Our Platinum Certified products will maximize the revenue potential of your organization, while lowering your total cost of ownership...a value that other independent equipment brokers and OEMs cannot match.

What Does Platinum Certified Mean?

Platinum Certified product means you receive a CT, MRI or PET/CT system as a complete “Turnkey Solution” that includes the following:

  • Fully Reconditioned Equipment that Strictly Adheres to our ISO 13485 Certified Processes
  • Site Planning, CAD Installation Drawings
  • Ongoing Consultation with Your Architect and General Contractor for Your Imaging Suite
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Standard Rigging and Installation
  • Clinical Applications Training for Your Staff
  • Full One Year Warranty

CT Maintenance Cost

How Platinum Works for You

Get increased diagnostic confidence, better patient care, and higher patient throughput. The Platinum choice maximizes your organization’s revenue potential while lowering your total cost of ownership for the technology...a value that the OEMs and other independent organizations cannot match.

Remember, your reimbursement rates stay the same regardless of what technology you invest in, so make the smart investment with MXR Imaging’s Platinum Certified Pre-owned systems.

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