About MXR

The Imaging Solutions Company

MXR Imaging - The Imaging Solutions Company

MXR - The Imaging Solutions Company (MXR) is one of the largest independent providers of diagnostic imaging equipment sales, service, training, parts and supplies in the nation. MXR is a full-service medical imaging company, offering an array of services that rival OEM service programs. The MXR product portfolio is diverse in options of new, used and reconditioned equipment for CT, MR, ultrasound, DR, CR, x-ray and ultrasound probes. The assortment of consumable and durable goods spans multiple product categories including film, radiation protection, contrast and contrast-delivery systems, patient positioning and transport, markers, quality assurance, phantoms, and much more. 

The experienced sales and service staff at MXR consults with customers to design the best solution based on facility-specific needs, budget and functional requirements. Representing multiple manufacturers gives MXR the ability to sell the best-proven equipment for each situation. As a full-service medical imaging company, MXR can deliver the equipment, do the installation, maintenance, perform warranty work, provide parts and even train the facilities’ engineer on maintaining the equipment. Our customers can choose levels of service support that fits their organizational needs and budget.  


MXR possesses an extensive imaging portfolio which includes: CT, PET/CT, MRI, Ultrasound, General Radiology Imaging equipment, and PACS.


Our History

The MXR Imaging name may be new, but we have been serving medical imaging customers since 1956. From 1956-2019, we were known as Merry X-Ray. However, you may have noticed, that we have been strategically acquiring companies so that we can fulfill all of our customers’ medical imaging needs. We have welcomed more than 20 companies to our brand over the last 15 years with the primary purpose of better serving you – our customers.

We are proud to say that MXR Imaging offers the industry’s most comprehensive medical imaging solutions that span multiple modalities and markets. That is why we changed from Merry X-Ray to MXR Imaging. We want to highlight our ever-expanding portfolio of products and services while still retaining a connection to our roots.