Training Webinars

A Patient Centered Approach to Ultrasound Probe Management

This 60-minute webinar will feature Bob Broschart, Senior Director of Technical Operations at MXR Imaging. Join Bob as he explain the patient and financial risks of ultrasound probes and how these risks can be avoided. Bob will take you through the features of a simple probe management program and how it can not only reduce risks, but can reduce repair costs and extend the life of your probes. Bob will use statistics and real-world financial data to make his case for the implementation of probe management at any facility.


Verify Image Quality Using an Ultrasound Phantom

This 60-minute presentation will feature Jim Rickner, Training Director for MXR Imaging. He has over 30 years of experience working on a variety of electronic equipment. He is a renowned instructor and sought out speaker in the ultrasound industry, having taught hundreds of biomedical engineers, BMETs, CBETs, and is well respected as a teacher who instructs from a field perspective.

During this presentation Jim will review poor image quality complaints from the field, describe and illustrate the purpose of the Ultrasound Phantom and discuss multiple test descriptions and procedures using the Phantom in evaluating image quality.

Ultrasound Basics

This one-hour webinar puts a foundation of information into place for a wide variety of Basic Ultrasound topics. This course is the right starting point you’re new to the industry. It is also a good introduction to the one-day instructor-led course that can be taken at the conquest training facility.

Troubleshooting Techniques and Tips for the New Philips Epiq 5/7 Systems

This 75-minute presentation will enable attendees to understand basics troubleshooting techniques and tips for the new Philips Epiq 5/7 systems. The discussion will begin with an external overview followed by system architecture including image formation, processing, display and power subsystems.

GE Logiq/Vivid E9 Training Sessions (3 Parts)

GE Logiq/Vivid E9 Training Session 1

GE Logiq/Vivid E9 Training Session 2

GE Logiq/Vivid E9 Training Session 3