Fujifilm Persona C Mobile C-Arm



Full Size C-Arm - Go Anywhere, Do Anything with 20 kW of Power

Mobile fluoroscopy solution with removable grid and dedicated ‘radiography mode’ for high quality still imaging. Designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging across a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Full-size high-power multi-function
  • Optimized for surgical guidance
  • Separate tech and surgeon’s consoles
  • Dedicated dual display surgical viewing console
  • Built on DR flat panel technology for ultra-low dose fluoroscopy and vascular imaging
  • Streamlined design with light easy versatility for tight work spaces

Product Highlights
  •  dRF detector 30 cm or 21 cm, large FOV, low dose and high image quality
  • Dedicated radiography mode high resolution static X-Rays, simplify procedure time pre & post imaging with one system
  • Light, easy positioning, large 81 cm arc for easy access and precise positioning
  • Automated low dose organ programs
  • DSA digital subtraction, vascular package for angiography


For additional information and specifications, access the PDFs provided below.
Persona C Brochure
Persona C Benefits
Persona C Specifications


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