Oxford Instruments Healthcare is now MXR Imaging

Our name may have changed, but our commitment to outstanding service has not.

Acquired by MXR Imaging in February 2020, Oxford Instruments Healthcare has been a leading ISO 13485 certified organization offering a comprehensive range of refurbished equipment, maintenance service and quality parts for MRI and CT along with mobile imaging solutions for CT, MRI, PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine.

Oxford Instruments Healthcare was the first global manufacturer that provides U.S. hospitals and medical imaging centers with a more cost effective way to provide top quality services to their customers. That meant healthcare providers from large hospitals to small imaging centers can confidently choose refurbished CT & MRI scanners, maintenance services and mobile imaging solutions as though they were buying direct from the OEM. As MXR Imaging, we will continue to offer cost-effective services with even more products and resources to serve our customers better.

Our name may have changed; however, our commitment to outstanding service has not.

With three ISO 13485 certified support facilities strategically located across the country, MXR Imaging continues to provide the same nationwide, innovative support options that will constantly exceed expectations by providing higher standards of service, quality, integrity and value.

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