When You Should Replace Your Ultrasound Equipment


The most important aspect of sonograms is accuracy. When you give patients a diagnosis, there is no room for error. Ultrasound imaging can be the most important part of the process; without it, there is nothing for doctors to examine, so the maintenance of the ultrasound machine becomes paramount. Proper maintenance extends the life of the machine and allows for continual clear imaging. Without it, the system begins to fail, parts break, and images are compromised. Here are some tips regarding when you should replace your ultrasound equipment.


The transducer probe shows signs of wear and breaks down the quickest. It is handled multiple times a day, every day, and comes into direct contact with patients. Inside the probe are piezoelectric stones that help direct sound waves. They regularly become damaged and can fall out of place. Even though the power cord from the probe is flexible, it is still prone to cracking and breakage, which will expose the wires. If any of those issues occur, you should replace the probe immediately.


The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of the ultrasound machine. It takes the information from the probe and converts it into an image within an instant. Without it, there would be nothing to see on the monitor. Many things can go wrong with a computer, any of which can stop the machine from functioning. Slow download speeds, poor connectivity, and viruses in the CPU are all critical issues that interfere with normal functions and require repair, if not replacement.


Sonographers use the control panel to operate the ultrasound machine. The control panel is home to all operational controls needed to examine patients. Just like a keyboard on a laptop, the control panel is the main point of contact on an ultrasound machine. Physical wear and tear on the control panel is normal. Buttons become hard to read because the letter or number wears off, they become stuck, and the mouse no longer tracks. This point of contact takes the most abuse, and as it wears, it will need replacement.


Advances in ultrasound imaging have made the monitor extremely sophisticated. Some machines offer crystal clear 3D and 4D imaging. Monitors aren’t prone to break unless they are dropped or abused in some way. You should replace your ultrasound equipment if the monitor doesn’t provide an accurate image and diagnosis. Excessive use of sterile wipes and solutions can also cause damage.

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