Protecting Your Probe Investment

The purpose of this white paper is to provide the reader with a proven methodology for reducing the cost of ownership of probe inventory.  Knowing how long a probe will last depends upon a variety of factors. With the high cost of probes–initial purchase, potential repair, and eventual replacement costs—protection of the probe inventory is essential to lowering costs. This paper will discuss alternatives that can be considered by a facility to help manage costs. The purpose of this paper is strictly educational in nature and is not meant to bias the reader. Dealers, end-users, clinical engineers, and materials managers would benefit from the contents of this paper.

The life of an Ultrasound Transducer can reach its potential with proper care, use and maintenance. By optimizing the care of your probe inventory, you are taking proactive measures to drop your total imaging cost of ownership by lowering repair and replacement expenses.

Download the Whitepaper-Protecting Your Investment