Siemens Skyra 3T

The Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T is the world’s first 70cm TIM 4G + DOT 3 Tesla strength MRI system with the smallest footprint of any 3T system currently on the market. The Skyra 3T brings massive improvements in workflow, patient personalization, noise reduction, and patient comfort. This scanner is perfect for diagnosing difficult diseases, yet also has the power and capability to satisfy the demands of advanced research.

  • TIM 4G Technology
  • DOT Technology
  • Enhanced Productivity Capabilities
  • TIM Dock Table
  • Large Customizable LED Lighting Element

Siemens has integrated TIM 4G + DOT with their MAGNETOM Skyra 3T MRI, and as result, set a new standard for efficiency, ease of use, and the ability to enhance your facility’s productivity. DOT (Day Optimizing Throughput) is a customizable framework for patient personalization, user guidance, and exam automation to optimize your MRI workflow and increase patient throughput by up to 50%.

Not familiar with the TIM 4G system? TIM 4G gives you the power you need for the next level in excellent image quality. TIM combines the tried and true technology of previous iterations with new ultra-high-density coils which have all of their transmit and receive components pointed at the magnet, resulting in high resolution images, faster acquisition times, and exceptional image quality.

The Siemens Skyra 3T MRI system has added bells and whistles such as the TIM Dock Table (550 lb maximum weight limit) allowing for faster and more efficient patient preparation, a large LED lighting element allowing you to customize color and mood, up to 128 RF channels, and up to 204 coil elements.

Fast Image Acquisition - More Scans in Less Time
Reconditioned to OEM Specs - High Quality at Lower Cost

This is a Platinum Certified System


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