Konica Minolta ImagePilot Aero

For facilities with continuous, high volume imaging, the ImagePilot® Aero is an innovative wireless Digital Radiography imaging solution that provides superlative image quality, X-Ray dose efficiency, and significantly increased productivity all while assisting with long term cost management.


ImagePilot® Aero

The Konica Minolta ImagePilot Aero combines the workflow and imaging efficiencies of the extremely lightweight, wireless AeroDR® flat panel detector with the ease-of-use of ImagePilot imaging software. Our AutoPilot automatic image processing enables users of all experience levels to effortlessly achieve superb, consistent image quality.

Our cassette-sized ImagePilot Aero panel combines a fast three-second image display with a lightweight and rugged, carbon fiber unibody design, creating a convenient to use and highly durable system.

Being wireless gives you the flexibility to perform virtually all examinations without the constraints of a wired system. Plus, the innovative battery design significantly reduces charge time and improves work-flow efficiency thus increasing patient throughput and technologist productivity.

Only ImagePilot Aero can be backed by a five year TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) plan to help you protect and better manage your imaging investment.



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