GE Optima 660 128 Slice CT Scanner

GE Optima 660 128 Slice CT Scanner

GE Optima 660 128 Slice CT Scanner

The GE Optima CT660 128 Slice CT scanner is the next evolution beyond the Brightspeed and Discovery series, which continues on the themes of saving on space, dose, and cost. The GE Optima CT660 offers fast, high-quality image acquisition at optimized doses for highly competent, personalized care across a wide spectrum of procedures including cardiac angiography, neuro, abdomen, and much more. This GE Optima 660 128 Slice CT scanner for sale offers One-Touch Setup, allowing clinicians to personalize imaging, automatically apply preset advanced processing, volume-rendering, multi-planar reformats, and image sizing protocols.

  • High Quality Images

  • Fast Exam Time

  • 500 lb Table Weight Limit

  • Seamless Clinical Workflow

  • Ultra-Compact, Air-Cooled Helios Gantry

The GE Optima 660 128 Slice CT scanner utilizes many cutting edge technologies including wide V-Res detector, an efficient HiLight scintillator with 99% absorption rate, Volara XT Data Acquisition System, and Performix 40 CT X-ray tube. GE's reconstruction technology and crossbeam correction are able to deliver 0.35 mm isotropic resolution. The patient table features automatic position based on type of exam, which reduces positioning and streamlines workflow.

Fast Image Acquisition - More Scans in Less Time
Reconditioned to OEM Specs - High Quality at Lower Cost

This is a Platinum Certified System




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