Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS

 With the SOMATOM Definition AS, Siemens provides a scanner that is capable of adapting to virtually every patient and every clinical question. Scalable from 20 up to 128 slices the system can be configured to your specific clinical needs. Fueled by the FAST CARE platform, the SOMATOM Definition AS is designed to help maximize clinical outcome and to raise patient-centric productivity.

The new SOMATOM Definition AS can be upgraded with the Stellar detector for state-of-the-art signal detection and noise reduction.

  • Full flexibility to upgrade to a Stellar detector
  • Processing of the signal without losses
  • Reduction of electronic noise
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Dynamic range up to 102 dB
  • Scan speed of up to 23 cm/s and rotation of 0.28 s

The Stellar-ready SOMATOM Definition AS offers you the option to upgrade the system with a Stellar detector. The system is also designed to be able to rotate with 0.28 s and makes possible a scan speed coverage of up to 23 cm/s.

  • The Stellar detector is the first fully integrated CT detector. It enables processing of the digitized signal without any losses while reducing the electronic noise of the detector (TrueSignal technology).
  • In combination with Edge technology, the system therefore delivers a much sharper slice profile and makes possible the reconstruction of true 0.5 mm slices and offers unmatched spatial resolution in routine clinical protocols with excellent dose efficiency.
  • In addition, HiDynamics extends the dynamic range up to 102dB, which eliminates the need to modify amplification and avoids detector saturation.

Systems with the Stellar detector can therefore measure smaller signals over a wider dynamic range – which directly reduces the noise and enhances the CT image quality.
0.24mm to 0.33mm Isotropic Resolution - Visualize with Outstanding Quality

This is a Platinum Certified System


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