Siemens Trio 3T

The Siemens Trio allows you to routinely acquire the highest level of image quality, streamline planning and processing, as well as diagnose the most challenging diseases quickly and confidently. Noise is reduced in the Siemens Trio 3T by up to 97% to increase patient comfort without compromising quality.

  • Siemens Tim Technology
  • Zero Helium Boil-Off Magnet
  • 60 cm Bore
  • 400 lb Table Weight Limit

The Siemens Trio is a 3 Tesla MRI scanner powered by TIM (Total Imaging Matrix). Offering one of the strongest magnets with zero helium boil-off, 32 RF channels, one of the strongest gradients in the industry, the Siemens Trio 3T MRI is capable of spectroscopy, functional MRI (fMRI), diffusion tensor MRI (DTI) and other demanding high end imaging techniques.

Fast Image Acquisition - More Scans in Less Time
Reconditioned to OEM Specs - High Quality at Lower Cost


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