The AMRAD Medical SRS Pocket is a small room solution that eases the challenge of not enough space. Designed to be compact, but yet functional, table and upright exams are no match for the Pocket. The SRS Pocket delivers in every aspect of small but mighty.

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The AMRAD SRS Pocket is a multi-functional interlocking tubestand and wallstand that makes positioning easy and efficient. When the need arises, the tubestand and wallstand can be separated to further improve the functionality of such a small space. A tilting cabinet (with detents every 15 degrees) provides even more flexibility.


Typical Room Layout


  • The AMRAD Medical SRS Pocket is designed to tackle one of the biggest challenges that facilities face today which is the cost of real estate.
  • Space for an x-ray suite is always needed to perform exams with ease, but existing facilities often do not have adequate space.  For new medical locations that are being built, space for x-ray is often an afterthought.
  • With the growth in urgent care, facilities do not always have sufficient space for imaging. The AMRAD SRS Pocket solves that problem because it can be installed in the pocket (9’ x 9’ room Including control booth) of a medical facility.
  • A creative dual rail design, allows the tubestand and wallstand to function independently; however, this unique two rail design also allows the tubestand and wallstand to come together and form a single unit that can be moved and positioned simultaneously.


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