Platinum Certified Pre-Owned Ultrasound

Many of our customers enjoy the economical advantages of owning an MXR Platinum Certified Pre-Owned™ Ultrasound. In addition to being a cost effective solution, these units are sold in a “like new” condition and come with a parts and labor warranty. We are dedicated to quality and our Platinum program includes all the Quality Control (QC) processes that are established under our the ISO 13485:2016 certification. Our ultrasound systems undergo the following reconditioning process in order to qualify as Platinum Certified Pre-Owned™ Ultrasound:

  1. Sanding and repainting of any worn external covers and cosmetics
  2. Replacement of worn internal components (i.e. computer boards)
  3. Replacement of keyboards, buttons, and knobs
  4. Complete quality inspection of system functionality including probe testing
  5. Upgraded to the latest software level available for the hardware/software configuration of the system purchased

Buy/Lease/Rent-To-Own Ultrasound

Many of our customers are opting to lease or rent-to-own their ultrasound needs. If you need ultrasound, don’t wait. We can help get you what you need. Contact us today.

            Rent-to-Own: Monthly payments vary based on length of payment schedule and desired unit

            Lease: Monthly payments vary based on length of payment schedule desired unit; buy-out option at end of term

            Rent: Monthly payments; cart-based units have a 3 month minimum

            Trade In: We take many models as trade-ins toward your purchase