The Positive Business Model for Pre-Owned Equipment in Today's Market

Presented by: Diagnostic Imaging Expert Charlie Lewis

MXR Imaging Webinar Series: Purchasing Platinum Certified Pre-Owned MRI and CT Equipment

With the emerging technologies, there has been an increasing trend of "affordable buying". For example, today a customer is looking for a CT scanner that is reconditioned, rather than a brand new system. The reconditioned option allows the purchasing of necessary diagnostic imaging devices at affordable prices without compromising quality or safety.  There is a lack in standardization of policies for reconditioned devices and a question of quality within the market.  This webinar will examine the risks and benefits of buying reconditioned MRI or CT versus new. 

Charlie Lewis is a widely known technical expert in the Diagnostic Imaging industry.  Over the last 40 years he has held various leadership roles in Technical Service and Sales including Senior Management positions at In-House Service Organizations (IHO), Independent Service Organizations (ISO’s) and with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Charlie is highly respected for his technical expertise and experience within the industry. 

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