Manufacturing Engineer

Fishers, IN

    Position Description:
    The Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer will be responsible for specific electrical/mechanical engineering projects and processes as assigned by both Research and Development and Management. Duties include but are not limited to: New design tooling, machines, products, etc. Design validation of new products from R&D and design enhancement of existing machines, tooling, and products. Subsystem design of larger product development. Support and assistance of Production floor as needed. Adhere to all values of conduct per MXR Imaging’s mission and values. 

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Work on project specific design and development of products/tooling, etc.
    • Develop and work to project/process plans as assigned by R&D management or senior management.
    • Perform design validation and testing of new Industrial/Manufacturing designs.
    • Develop testing and training of pre-production launch product models.
    • Assist Production with set-up, testing and training of all production technicians on all new equipment needed to repair new model products in Production.
    • Provide support to R&D and Production on all new product repair launches.
    • Work with outside vendors and suppliers as needed for individual projects.
    • Insure all raw materials, tools and supplies are adequately stocked for product launch.
    • Provide technical assistance to production floor technicians as required.
    • Assist with troubleshooting and repairing, customer product as needed.
    • Provide feedback to R&D as needed.
    • Assist with Pre-Production models.
    • Work with R&D to correct all design issues with Pre-Production models.
    • Design and write with R&D, all work instructions and processes for production product repairs. 
    • Develop new Production capabilities and determine best practices, training etc.
    • Owns and manages the Engineering Change Order process, (ECO). Provides all required ECO’s to R&D regarding raw materials, tooling, process/work instruction issues. Insures all ECO’s are processed and if needed, implement new processes, etc.
    • Ensure compliance with regulatory and MXR Quality Systems requirements and the accurate documentation. 
    • Other duties as assigned.


    Education & Certifications


    • Bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, biomedical engineering or mechanical engineering required.  


    • 2+ years of experience in Healthcare Device or Design Industry preferred.


    • Minimal, if any


    • Proficient verbal and written English language skills.
    • Industrial/manufacturing and project management skills.
    • Proficient with MS Office applications, including Excel, Word, and Outlook; and ERP software.
    • Proficiency with CAD or other proprietary diagnostics software.
    • Strong electro-mechanical design and development skills
    • Ability to analyze a concept and develop solutions.
    • Ability to work with outside vendors and suppliers.
    • Able to read and interpret technical documents such as; schematics, wiring diagrams, material analysis sheets, etc.
    • Applies strong analytical and critical thinking skills and proactively solves problems.
    • Positive, professional attitude. 
    • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and cooperation with manager(s), executives, co-workers, customers and/or vendors.
    • Reacts quickly and adapts to changes in priorities, circumstances, and direction.

    Physical Requirements

    • Able to lift and transfer objects weighing up to 50lbs, or up to 75lbs. with assistance from team members as necessary.
    • Ability to work non-standard office hours, as needed.
    • Ability to work with raw materials, hazardous chemicals and ESD.
    • Ability to work with hand tool and test equipment etc.
    • Able to work in warehouse conditions on occasion.

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