Can Ultrasound Technology Help Fight COVID-19?


Ultrasounds might not seem like an obvious weapon to fight COVID-19 and its complications, as they are more known for helping doctors and pregnant mothers check on babies in utero and finding tumors or bone breaks. However, doctors are finding new uses for ultrasound machines to help in the fight against COVID-19. They are using high-frequency sound waves to look for the signs of the virus.

In answer to the question, “Can ultrasound technology help fight COVID-19?” the answer is yes.


Ultrasound is being used increasingly to help patients with respiratory issues. While CT is the standard for diagnosing lung disorders, there are inherit issues. CT can have long wait times to get access to a system. Additionally, they are not always available in the ED/ER. With ultrasounds ability to see soft tissue and blood flow, it is seeing an increase in usage for potential COVID patients entering the ER. During small test samples during the pandemic, doctors have found that ultrasound provides similar results as CT when looking at patients with lung disorders including COVID and pneumonia.


Ultrasounds have an advantage over computed tomography (CT) scans, because of their portability. Ultrasound machines are portable and can go anywhere, enabling them to create images in any setting within a matter of seconds. Both mainframe systems and portable units can be easily brought to a patient’s bedside. In the case of laptop units, they are seeing more use in the ER allowing doctors to perform a quick triage of the patient’s lungs. Ultrasound can help doctors discover other complications from the virus. During the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918, the highest risk came from bacterial infections and the immunological reactions that were triggered by the virus, rather than from the virus itself. Producing faster images and results will help doctors understand what they are working against, thereby helping them save lives. Through speed and ease of use, ultrasound technology can help fight COVID-19 in ways that other diagnostic tools cannot.

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