Our thoughts are with the people around the world who are impacted, especially with the healthcare workers who are on the front lines of patient care. As we continue to adapt to this situation, we will evaluate new information and provide the support needed as we continue to work together.


As the world navigates the unprecedented challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, MXR Imaging is continuing to support healthcare providers, partners, and communities. As the provider of clinical engineering essential services, we continue to serve the healthcare community with our team of over 300 engineers. In addition to our clinical engineering services, the MXR team is also committed to delivering on equipment, parts, and supplies for our customers. 

The health and well-being of our employees, their families, our customers, and the entire healthcare community are our top priority. We are taking every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of all the people we employ and support.

To reach a member of the MXR Imaging team, please contact us: 

Customer Support: (888) 278-9933

What is MXR IMAGING doing to continue supporting its customers?

MXR Imaging is actively monitoring operations and working with our customers to ensure continued safety and support, in accordance with national and state health authority recommendations. 

The MXR team members follow best practices which include, but are not limited to, frequent washing of hands and equipment repair tools, social distancing, and staying home if they are not feeling well. 

The team strictly adheres to all Covid-19 policies and procedures of facilities where they supply services.

Warehouses and distribution centers are staffed to ensure that all the equipment, supplies, parts (CT, MRI, US, & XR), and pharmaceuticals orders are being fulfilled. 

What additional steps are you taking to support your team?

The MXR Imaging leadership team meets regularly to debrief and discuss new information as it becomes available or as information changes.

Regular communication is being provided to our team regarding their health and well-being; in addition to supporting our customer's needs.