Life Cycle Management

MXR is the Best Equipped to Assist You with Medical Equipment Decisions

With our extensive market intelligence across multiple manufacturers over a variety of equipment modalities, we are best equipped to assist you with medical equipment decisions like upgrading systems versus the serviceability of your current systems. 

A legacy unit will follow one of two paths: 

  1. Trade-in the system
    • You have the option to receive the trade-in value for your system or you can look elsewhere to receive a higher market value for your legacy unit from MXR Imaging. unit.  Includes de-installation and removal.
    • You have the option regardless of who you sell your unit to use MXR Imaging’s de-installation and removal services. 
  2. Maintain the unit
    • We can help you decide if the unit is serviceable for a longer life cycle, which lowers your cost of total ownership for the system.  Then, you may possibly decide to relocate the legacy unit to a downstream clinic where the volume would be lower while replacing its current location with a new one. 
    • In this case, we can assist with service options at an economical rate compared to the OEM. 
    • MXR Imaging can also provide, de-installation, rigging, re-installation and certification.

As the largest independent distributor of imaging products and imaging-related services in the U.S., we distribute imaging equipment from a variety of OEM partners. We have a comprehensive portfolio of reconditioned equipment with over 40,000 items. This allows MXR Imaging to effectively aid health care professionals in these types of business decisions.  

We can also provide you with alternatives to new with our quality reconditioned  product.

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